1. "Always get your vision out exactly how you planned it. Remember how everybody’s gonna view it, but also not give a fuck about how people view it too."

    kanye westjay zBig SeanWatch the Thronehip hopartfashion

  2. now playing

    now playing

    Big Sean

  3. Big Sean -“Hometown”

    Big SeanFFOEboihip hop

  4. "Gang Bang" - Wiz Khalifa (Ft. Big Sean)

    wiz khalifaBig Seantaylor ganggood musicTGODFFOE

  5. bitch got MCM in my closet

    bitch got MCM in my closet

    MCMBig Seanfashionstyle

  6. my best friend got addicted to pills
    I can’t look at him in his eyes, you don’t know how that sh-t feels mentally!
    I aint trying to rock no shirts that say “in memory”
    I’m praying that he make, wished we could go back
    cuz honestly all the times that we had
    those be the best memories…

    Memories - Big Sean

    Big SeanGood MusicRay-BanBoi

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